How does the process work?
You need to determine if the juvenile is a CHINS youth. You need to obtain a family assessment from DCFS. Call DSHS at 1-800-228-3501. Obtain and complete the petition. These petitions can be obtained from DCFS, Juvenile Court Services, or the Superior Court Clerk. Bring the family assessment and petition to Juvenile Court Services for filing. A date and time will be set for the Court to hear your case. There are three steps in the court process. The Court needs to determine if the juvenile is a CHINS youth and should be placed outside the family home.

If your child is a CHINS youth, then what services should the Court require of the youth and parent to improve or correct the problem. In this process, the Court will not have the power to order your child into involuntary commitment for substance abuse or mental health treatment. Those types of involuntary treatment petitions require another process.

The service plan is periodically reviewed by the court to determine compliance and assess progress with the plan. Failure to comply with the court's order could result in a finding of contempt and jail days.

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3. How does the process work?
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