2020 Marijuana Code Project

Marijuana Production and Processing Moratorium

San Juan County has a moratorium on the siting of licensed marijuana production and processing. The resolution adopting this moratorium is found here

The moratorium applies to new or pending applications for a building or occupancy permit, variance, conditional use permit, or other development permit or approval with respect to licensed marijuana production and processing.  Resolution No. 15-2019 placed a six-month moratorium on such operations.  This moratorium was renewed for six months beginning on October 2, 2019 in Resolution No. 34-2019.  It exempts building permits for the alteration of marijuana production and processing operations legally established prior to the adoption of Resolution No. 15-2019, provided that there is no enlargement or intensification of the permitted processing or production.  

Code Amendment Project To Regulate Marijuana Production, Processing and Provide Retail Standards

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing regarding draft Marijuana Production and Processing development regulations on July 17, 2020.  Information on providing comments is included in the public hearing notice below.

August 20, 2020 Staff Memo

Staff Presentation for August 25 Public Hearing

August 11, 2020, Marijuana Regulations Presentation for Council

Memo and Draft Ordinance for County Council Briefing on August 11 and Public Hearing on August 25, 2020

August 25, 2020, County Council Public Hearing Notice

July 17, 2020, Planning Commission Public Hearing Notice

Memo and Draft Ordinance for Planning Commission Public Hearing on July 17, 2020.

Draft Marijuana Regulations Presentation for Planning Commission Public Hearing 7-17-2020

July 16, 2020, Memo with Public Comments Received.

A SEPA Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS) was issued on the proposed ordinance regulating marijuana production and processing facilities.  The comment deadline is April 17, 2020.  Please review the DNS, environmental checklist and proposed ordinance at the link below:

SEPA DNS, Checklist and Ordinance

 March 2020 Marijuana Presentation

March 20, 2020 Planning Commission Marijuana Staff Report

Public Comments

July 17, 2020, Gschwend Comment, Support for Regulations

July 16, 2020, Deckelbaum Comment, Support for Regulations

July 1, 2020, Robson Comment, Marijuana Ban

March 2020 Marijuana Ordinance Presentation

March 3, 2020 Comments_Guard_Noise_Odors

Gschwend Marijuana Regulations

March 17, 2020 County Council Briefing Documents

Staff Report and Draft Ordinance for March 17 Council Briefing

December 3, 2019 County Council Briefing Documents

Memo Regarding Renewal of Marijuana Moratorium for Council’s February 4th Meeting

December 3, 2019 Council Briefing Staff Report: Policy Options

December 3rd Council Presentation

Comments may be sent to Linda Kuller

Marijuana Production and Processing Moratorium Documents

The County Council renewed Resolution No. 15-2019 regarding the moratorium on marijuana production and processing after an October 1, 2019 public hearing. 

March 24 Public Hearing Notices and Draft Resolution to Renew Marijuana Moratorium

Public Hearing Notice and Draft Resolution to Renew Marijuana Moratorium

September 25, 2019 staff report:

Kuller DCD Council Report October 1 2019

The original draft resolution, work plan and public hearing notice: 

Extension of Resolution No. 15-2019 Staff Report, Draft Work Plan and Public Hearing Notice:   

Council Public Hearing Notice October 1 2019

Public Comments

PUB Taylor Min Size - September 30 2019

PUB Mauseth RR - September 30 2019

PUB North 1 Aquifer Noise Lights - September 28 2019

PUB Janeway Well Water - September 29 2019

















If you are considering growing or processing marijuana on your property, please submit an ask a planner form or request a pre-application meeting here.

Saturn Group LLC WSLCB Application

San Juan County Notice of Saturn Group Marijuana License Application

Letter to WSLCB Extension Request January 29 2019

WSLCB San Juan County Extension Request Response