2036 Comprehensive Plan Update

On November 30, 2022, the San Juan County Council adopted the Comprehensive Plan Update by Ordinance 20-2022. Ordinance exhibits HERE. The adopted ordinance and exhibits, as well as the drafts considered at the public hearing, are available individually below. The Plan update goes into effect on April 1, 2023. 

A notice of adoption was published in the Journal of the San Juans and the Islands' Sounder on December 28, 2022.

Background and Purpose

The Comprehensive Plan is the centerpiece of local planning in the County.  Like a business plan, the Comprehensive plan provides the framework for how our community will grow.

The Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) requires counties and cities to conduct a mandatory “periodic update” at least once every eight years. San Juan County is currently in the process of completing a periodic update.

There are three primary purposes of the update:  

  •  Review plan and regulations and bring them up to date
     with any relevant changes to state law and the Growth
     Management Act (GMA); 
  •  Respond to changes in land use and population; and
  •  Address any local preferences or needs.
  1. Adopted Comp Plan
  2. Public Hearing Staff Draft
  3. Public Hearing PC Draft
  4. Existing Comp Plan

Adopted Ordinance 20-2022  

Combined Sections A, B, and C

Combined Section D, Appendices

Section A, Introduction and Vision

Section B, Elements 

  1. Governance
  2. Land Use
  3. Shoreline Master Program [EXCLUDED FROM COMP PLAN UPDATE]
  4. Water Resources
  5. Housing
  6. Transportation
  7. Capital Facilities
  8. Utilities
  9. Historical and Archaeological Preservation
  10. Economic Development

Section C, Administration 

Section D, Appendices

Official Maps

The Council decisions for all proposed amendments are available HERE. The adopted Official Maps are below. 


The Deer Harbor Hamlet Plan has been modified to reflect the removal of the Deer Harbor Community Center Overlay on the District 2 Official Map.

QUESTIONS? Contact Sophia Cassam, Planner III at sophiac@sanjuanco.com or (360) 370-7589.

Past Staff Reports (Starting with Planning Commission July 15, 2022 Public Hearing)

July 5, 2022 Staff Report for July 15, 2022 Planning Commission Public Hearing (includes draft ordinance and all exhibits)

August 8, 2022 Staff Report for August 19, 2022 Planning Commission OFFICIAL MAPS Public Hearing (includes draft Official Maps as exhibits T, U, and V of the draft ordinance). Presentation Slides.

September 1, 2022 Staff Report for September 16, 2022 Planning Commission public hearing on the proposed Friday Harbor Urban Growth Area expansion at Jensen Marina and surrounding properties. Presentation slides

Summary of the Planning Commission's September 16, 2022 recommendations regarding proposed Official Map changes

September 28, 2022 staff report for the October 3 and 10 County Council Official Maps briefings. 

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