Conduct & Dress Code

The following conduct and dress code shall apply when the court is in session:

Conduct Code:

  1. No firearms or other weapons, including knives, are allowed in the courtroom or anywhere on the second floor of the courthouse. 
  2. No food is allowed in the courtroom. All drinks must be in containers that can be securely closed to avoid spills. 
  3. All cell phones or electronic devices with audible signals silenced shall be allowed in the courtroom. 
  4. All persons in the courtroom shall, in their speech and actions, conduct themselves in a manner appropriate to the dignity and decorum of the courtroom setting. All persons shall refrain from conduct or behavior that manifests disrespect for others or disrupts the proceedings. 
  5. No photography, video recording, or audio recording in the courtroom, except members of the press with prior approval of the Court. 

Court Participant Attire:

Please dress comfortably for court while wearing clothing appropriate for the dignity of the court setting. Acceptable court attire is business casual or casual dress. Jeans are allowed. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops, loungewear, beach wear, or athletic wear. Additionally, please avoid clothing with graphics or messages on them.  The judge reserves the right to ask people to change clothes or to turn their shirts inside out if their clothing is potentially disruptive or distracting to the proceeding.

Hats are not allowed unless worn for religious or medical purposes. 

Out of respect for those with allergies, please refrain from wearing any strongly scented fragrances.

Attorney Attire:

Attorneys should wear professional attire appropriate for the dignity of the court setting. Attorneys should wear the same attire for video appearance that they would wear in the courtroom. While jackets are presumed to be part of such professional attire, they need not be worn when temperatures make doing so uncomfortable.