Event & Operational Permits

Event Permits

Event permits and associated fees, per Resolution 62-2016,  are required for special events, temporary structures, carnivals, fairs, exhibits, and trade shows. Please use the link below to access the permit application. A land use permit is required for temporary events over a certain size, which is different from the Fire Marshal event permits. More information ... 

There is a separate event permit required by the Sheriff for amplified music and other events like parades. The cost of this permit is $100 and is paid to the Sheriff's Department.

Operational Permits

Operational permits are required for various types of hazardous works and storage.  Following is a listing of these types of operations and the requirements.  Use the link at the bottom of the page to access the permit application.                                                                  

   An annual operation permit is  required 
for hot work.
  An operational permit is required for floor finishing or  surface operation exceeding 350 sf using class I or class II liquids. 
 Cutting/   Welding    An operational permit is required to conduct cutting or  welding operations in San Juan County. Hazardous  Materials   An operational permit is required to store, transport on  site, dispense, use, or handle hazardous materials in excess of the amounts  listed in Table 105.6.21 
 Open  Flames & Candles
An operational permit is required to use open flames in  connection with assembly areas, including restaurant dining areas and  drinking establishments.  
 Repair Garages & Vehicle Fuel  Dispensing Facilities  
 An annual operational permit is  required for operation of repair garages and automotive, marine, and fleet  motor fuel dispensing facilities.  

An annual operational permit is  required for the storage, use, or handling at normal temperature and pressure  (NTP) of compressed gases in excess of the amounts listed in Table 105.6.9 

 Fumigation  & Thermal Insecticidal Fogging   


An operational permit is required to operate a business of  fumigation or thermal insecticidal fogging and to maintain a room vault or  chamber in which a toxic or flammable fumigant is used.
 Fire Pumps & Related Equipment


A construction permit is required for installation of or  modification to fire pumps and related fuel tanks, jockey pumps, controllers,  and generators. Maintenance performed in accordance with this code is not  considered a modification and does not require a permit.  

Event Permits 

Fireworks Display Permit