Superior Court Services

Providing opportunities for growth through supervision, education and compassion.

Superior Court Services supervises four distinct mission-focused program areas:

Programs and Services

Courthouse Facilitator, Public Defender Screening

Volunteer Guardian ad Litem Program

Best interest advocacy to improve outcomes for dependent youth and children

Rock cairn

Public Defender Screening Program

Promotes timely access to justice, with integrity and equity

Courthouse Facilitator Program

Assists self-represented people access and navigate the family law system

Promoting access to justice through respectful service

What does Superior Court Services do?

  • Juvenile Delinquency Cases:
  • o Juvenile Diversion / Juvenile Community Supervision
    o 24/7 On Call Response / Screens Law Enforcement Referrals

  • Juvenile Non-Offender Programs (Early Intervention Unit):
  • o Pre-File BECCA Programs / Coordinates Community Re-engagement Boards
    o Early intervention Case Management / Resource Mapping and Navigation

  • Volunteer Guardian ad Litem Program:
    o Recruits Volunteers / Public Outreach 
    o Provides Volunteer Support and Supervision

  • Public Defender Screening:
  • o Screens for Financial Eligibility / LFO Remittance Program Assistance
    o Manages Attorney Rosters / Coordinates Conflict Appointments

  • Courthouse Facilitator: [Flier]
  • o Assists Self Represented People Access Family Law Court
    o Resource Mapping / Assists with Minor Guardianship

What does Superior Court Services Believe?

  • Every Day is a New Day
  • Early Intervention Matters
  • Balanced approach
  • Intrinsic Change is Long-Lasting

What does Superior Court Services Value?

  • Lifelong learning, curiosity, and growth mindset
  • Acknowledge and examine ourselves to reduce unconscious bias
  • Youth led goal setting
  • Partnerships with parents and community
  • Data driven decision making