Land Use Permit Forms and Information

Critical Areas & Pre-Applications

See our Critical Area page for information, to request a critical area and archaeology review, and more.

Brief consultations (15 minutes or less) regarding projects that are underway or prospective land use developments can be obtained by using our Ask a Question/Request Assistance form to request a scheduled consultation. Scheduling the consultation ensures that knowledgeable staff are in the office to assist you.

In-depth consultations (more than 15 minutes) prior to the submittal of applications must also be scheduled. There is a $450 base fee, or a $150 charge for site visits. You can also schedule a combination of a consultation and a site visit for a total of $600. Use the Pre-Application request form (DOC  PDF) to initiate scheduling a longer consultation and/or site visit.

Land Use & Shoreline Applications

  • Agent Authorization form  PDF
  • Clearing and Grading checklist  DOC  PDF
  • Cottage Enterprise Certificate of Compliance  DOC  PDF
  • Eastsound Checklist  PDF
  • Forest Practices Permit Application  PDF
  • Land Use & Shoreline Application  DOC  PDF
  • Land Use & Shoreline Checklist  DOC  PDF
  • Land Use Reviews of OSS Permits  PDF
  • Mooring Buoy Shoreline Exemption Application  DOC  PDF
  • SEPA Addendum for Site Specific Redesignations  PDF
  • Shoreline Exemption Application  DOC  PDF
  • Shoreline Tree Removal  PDF
  • Site Specific Redesignation  PDF
  • Stand-Alone Mitigation Application  PDF

Land Division Applications

  • Boundary Line Modification  DOC  PDF
  • Land Division Application  DOC  PDF
  • Land Division Checklist  DOC  PDF
  • Simple Land Division  DOC  PDF
  • Simple Land Division Revision  DOC  PDF
  • Simple Land Division - Love & Affection  DOC  PDF

Open Space Applications

  • Current Use Open Space - DOR form  PDF
  • Current Use Timber Open Space - DOR form  PDF
  • Farm & Ag Conservation Classification Information  PDF
  • Open Space Classification Form & Information  DOC  PDF
  • Open Space Notice of Continuance - DOR form  DOC  PDF
  • Open Space Taxation Agreement  PDF

Stormwater & Utilities

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