Advisory, Boards, and Commissions Code of Conduct


Appointed Boards and Commissions Code of  
Professional Conduct Approved by 
Council May 3, 2022

This Code of Professional Conduct defines the principles, standards, and procedures for enforcement for all those who participate on the San Juan County boards, committees, and commissions.   Each of the boards, committees and commissions are advisories body to the San Juan County Council.  Members of each of the appointed boards, committees and commission shall herein be referred to as “members”


  1. Continuously pursue and faithfully       serve the public interest;

  2. Participate in the process with integrity;

  3. Work to achieve economic, social   and racial equity;

  4. Safeguard the public trust.

 Standards of Conduct for Members:

  1. Abide by the Uniform Business Rules as laid out in Article II of SJCC 2.116;
  2. Treat other members, county staff, and citizens with respect;
  3. All members are expected to carry out the work program and schedule established by the Council annually;
  4. Members shall provide adequate, timely, clear and accurate information during deliberations;
  5. Members must refrain from pressuring professional staff to make analyses or reach findings not supported by available evidence;  
  6. Members shall not assign work to Staff;
  7. Members shall be free of conflicts of interest;
  8. Members must maintain the appearance of fairness;
  9. Members shall not engage in private communications    with meeting participants if the discussions relate to a matter over which the or the County have authority to make a binding, final determination;
  10. Members shall not commit or ignore an act of discrimination or harassment.


Failure to abide by the Standards of Conduct may result in the removal of the member in accordance with appropriate State Law and County Codes.