The address of your house or business plays an important role in helping 911 responders locate the site of an emergency.

Uniform Addressing System

San Juan County addressing requirements are set forth in the San Juan County Code, Chapter 15.08 - Uniform Addressing System.

Determining Assigned Address

The address assigned to a building is based on the location of its access (driveway). The measured distance along the road to the driveway entrance is used to calculate the address, with 1,000 addresses per mile, and even numbers on the right, odd on the left.

If, for example, your address is 500 Main Street, 911 responders can determine just from the address, that the driveway to your house is located 1/2 mile down Main Street on the right hand side.

Address Display Locations

Your Fire Chief and Emergency responders greatly appreciate you posting your address clearly at the driveway entrance and on the structure, to aid them in locating an emergency call.

Note: If the access changes (for example, if you change your driveway location), please contact this office for a revised address assignment.

Address Request or Review

Because consistent and accurate addresses are essential to providing rapid response in emergency situations, an address review is required for all new construction. Existing addresses will be reviewed for compliance with applicable regulations and for consistency with surrounding addresses. If no address exists for the new building site, one will be assigned. New construction is assigned an address as part of the building permit application process.

A current site plan is required for address requests and reviews.  If requesting an address or address review as part of a building permit application, you do not need to submit a separate plan. 

Please include the location of the driveway and any structures, either existing or proposed.  The format can be any of the following:

    Hand-drawn sketch
    Current Polaris or Google Maps screen shot
    Formal/commissioned site plan