What is a site plan, when do I need it and how is it made?

Site plans are required for nearly all permits in San Juan County. A site plan shows a bird's eye view of the parcel, and the proposed work on that parcel, so the reviewer can judge if it conforms to various regulations.

Items to check on a site plan:

1. Distance to property lines for setbacks, or fire separation.

2. Accurately measure square footage of building footprints, decks, roofs, driveways etc.

3. Show All other structures on the parcel for counting density for Land use/Zoning regulations.

4. Show wells, and or septic system components and piping. (Water and Sewer)

5. Show location of LPG tanks and piping, including equipment like generators or fuel tanks for fire separation requirements.

You do not need to be a surveyor, or architect to be able to draw a site plan, but you will need to provide a clear drawing TO SCALE that shows us all the required information. See requirements below.

For Single trade permits like a Mechanical, or Plumbing permit, or Deck Demo and Re-roofs, a simple site plan will suffice. See instructions here: SIMPLE SITE PLAN INSTRUCTIONS

On all other projects we require that you submit a comprehensive site plan. Instructions and details here: Site plan and instructions

Site plan instructions example
Site Plan example

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