What if I missed the deadline for filing my appeal?

If you have missed the filing deadline, you may file a request a good cause waiver with the Board of Equalization if you feel you meet the requirements of WAC 458-14-056 (3) or request to reconvene the Board under WAC 458-14-127 by filling out the appropriate form. You must be prepared to submit supporting documentation. The forms can be found here on the main page of the San Juan County Board of Equalization website. Once received, the Clerk will forward your request to the Board for review. The board clerk will notify you in writing of confirmation or denial of your petition. 

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1. How can I appeal the assessed valuation of my property?
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4. What if I missed the deadline for filing my appeal?
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6. What information must I provide for a completed petition?
7. When will I have a hearing?
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10. How soon will I receive a decision from the Board of Equalization?
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