County Council action

San Juan County Council Supports Completion of a Lopez Village Subarea Planning Process and Plan.  

San Juan County Council is pleased to dedicate the resources necessary to complete a Lopez Village Subarea Plan. Community Development & Planning staff will have the primary role of supporting the Lopez Village Planning Review Committee in developing a plan.  Other departments including Information Services, Public Works and Parks will provide assistance in this important planning process.  

The County Council encourages wide public participation in the plan development because it will guide future development and improvements in the Village.  The process will result in:

  • specific planning goals that represent the community’s ideals;
  • policies to guide development; and
  • implementation tools and strategies such as land use maps, development regulations and design standards that further the community’s vision.
County Council encourages you to engage in this exciting effort to complete a plan and play a role in defining the character and future of Lopez Village.                            

County Council Photograph