How do I get rid of this stuff?
Hazardous waste is difficult to get rid of on the islands. Hazardous material transport is highly restricted on the passenger ferries. Most of it leaves the island on a private transport barge. It's expensive.

The primary mechanism for disposing of hazardous or dangerous waste is by using the San Juan County Hazardous Waste Round-Up collection event. This event occurs once per year, in the Spring on San Juan and Orcas and in the Fall on Lopez Island, and is partially funded by charging businesses a per gallon fee to dispose of their hazardous waste.

The disposal fee for businesses during the 2009 Round-Up collection events was $4.50/gallon. For more information about the Round-Ups, businesses and homeowners can contact Helen Venada (San Juan County Public Works). You can reach Helen at 360-370-0503.

Your chemical suppliers may have the best option: See if they can offer less toxic alternatives. Even if they cost a little more up front, they may save you money in the long run!

San Juan County’s Pollution Prevention Specialist is available to discuss disposal options with you!

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1. How do I get rid of this stuff?
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