Charter Review Commission


Adopted by voters in 2005 and put in place in 2006, The San Juan County Home Rule Charter calls for a review by an elected Charter Review Commission after 5 full years of operation under the new form of government, and at least every 10 years thereafter. This is the current version of the San Juan County Charter.

The Charter Review Commission began work on January 21, 2021, electing Kevin Ranker as its Chair and Olivia Roseberry as its Vice Chair. The Commission shall conduct special and regular, public meetings with notices posted on the County’s online calendar. 

Find Commission meeting Agenda and Minutes or see meetings in Calendar View. (Scroll down on this page to CHARTER REVIEW COMMITTEES for information on those meetings).

The work of the Charter Review Commission has been  concluded on November 29, 2021.

Resolution Submitting Amendments & Recommendations and Concluding Term of Office & Work

November 2021 Election Results

Preliminary Findings (first six amendments)

Amendments for 2022 Ballot

Minority Reports

Two more Town Halls held on June 1 & 2

The San Juan County Charter Review Commission held two more Town Hall meetings in June.

PowerPoint presentation for June 1 & 2 Town Halls. Meeting videos are on the CRC YouTube Playlist.Summary of topics metioned at the June Town Halls.

Town Halls held on March 12 & March 13

The Town Halls hosted Friday evening and Saturday afternoon were lively affairs with more than 80 citizens participating in the conversation. Many great thoughts and ideas were shared with the Charter Review Commission. We're compiling these suggestions and they will be given to the committees for further consideration. A big THANK YOU to all who took the time to be there and help craft this important work.

As the Commission nears submission of their initiatives to the Council (expected mid-June), there will likely be another round of open discussions to gauge the reception of those proposals. Watch this space for details as this process continues toward the goal line.

Slide presentation from Town Halls. Briefly explains our Home Rule Charter form of government, who your Charter Review Commission members are, the committees formed, and some of the issues being explored though the Charter Review process. You can review a sheet that summarizes the list of ideas presented by the public at these Town Halls.

You may submit your comments or statements to

Meeting Documents

Created  by Commission members (may include drafts and working documents)


Regular Commission meeting Agenda and Minutes or find meetings in Calendar View. (Scroll down on this page to CHARTER REVIEW COMMITTEES for information on those meetings).

Charter Review Commission YouTube Playlist (video recordings of Special, Regular, and Committee meetings)

FairVote Washington letter of response on Ranked Choice Voting (April 16, 2021)

SJC County Council Member Position and Salary Recommendations (May 10, 2012)

CRC Review Findings (June 2, 2012)

County Organization Chart (2019)

Ordinance 19-2019 Adopting a Biennial Budget for the Years 2020-2021 and Setting Forth the Estimated Revenues and Appropriations

2020-2021 Preliminary Budget Book

Countywide Precinct Map

Resolution 31-2020 Affirming Commitment to Safe and Inclusive Community

Rights of the Salish Sea discusses a variety of topics in its Conversation Cafes via Zoom (details on their website)

Documents presented by Treasurer, Rhonda Pederson - a June 9, 2010 memo to Council provides a good overview of the "CTED County Financial Health & Governance Alternatives" (98 pages) and Appendix F, "Case Study Analysis of, Alternative Governance Structures . . ." (74 pages)

Letter received May 18, 2021 from FHHS students, Ayla Ridwan and Raylee Miniken on climate action and sustainability


As given to the Charter Review Commission by outside parties


Committee name
(We will try to post agendas posted 1-2 days prior; minutes as soon as practical after meeting)
Meeting Day/Time Zoom meeting link
CHARTER REVIEW PROCESS - Preamble, nuts & bolts 
Meeting minutes: February 23  March 9  March 16  March 23  March 30
(No further meetings scheduled) 

Meeting minutes: February 22  March 1  March 7  March 15  March 22 
(No further meetings scheduled)
ELECTIONS - residency vs. countywide, election observing
work concluded 3/31/21 Summary Report
Meeting minutes: March 4  March 11
(No further meetings scheduled) 

Meeting minutes: March 8  March 15  March 22  March 29  April 5 
April 12  April 19  April 26  May 3 (no 5/10 or 5/17 meetings)  May 24
(No further meetings scheduled)
GOVERNANCE - County Council, boards & commissions, budget, transparency, individual islands  Proposed Amendments 5/20/2021 (FINAL)
Proposed Amendments 5/19/2021 (Tourism)
work concluded 5/20/21 Issues Status report
Meeting minutes: March 11  March 18  April 1  April 15  April 22  April 29  May 6  May 19
(No further meetings scheduled) 
OPERATIONS - personnel, county procedures, public records 
Meeting minutes: February 27  March 6  March 20  March 27  April 3 
(No further meetings scheduled) 
April 21 Issues Status  Proposals & Findings Proposed Amendment to establish a San Juan County Climate and Environment
Commission (7/2/2021)
Meeting minutes: February 24  March 10  March 17  March 24  March 31 
(No further meetings scheduled) 
Meeting minutes: February 22  March 1  March 8  March 15  March 22 
(No further meetings scheduled) 

Charter Review Commission YouTube Playlist (video recordings of Special, Regular, and Committee meetings)

The 18 members of the Charter Review Commission were elected in the November 3, 2020 election.

Bob O’ConnellEmail Bob O'Connell
Liz LaffertyEmail Liz Lafferty
Jane FullerEmail Jane Fuller
Kevin Ranker, ChairEmail Kevin Ranker
Tony GhazelEmail Tony Ghazel
Janet BrownellEmail Janet Brownell
Anne Marie ShanksEmail Anne Marie Shanks
Sharon AbreuEmail Sharon Abreu
Paul DossettEmail Paul Dossett
Bill AppelBill Appel
Patty Garcia
Email Patty Garcia
Tom StarrTom Starr
Maureen SeeMaureen See
Kyle DaviesKyle Davies
David AndersonDavid Anderson
Richard GroutRichard Grout
David DehlendorfDavid Dehlendorf
Olivia Roseberry, Vice ChairOlivia Roseberry

Liaison: Mike Thomas

Maureen See

Patty Garcia

Paul Dossett

Dave Anderson

David Dehlendorf

Richard Grout

Bill Appel

Olivia Roseberry

Janet Brownell

Kevin Ranker

Anne Marie Shanks

Tony P Ghazel

Sharon Abreu

Jane Fuller

Robert A. OConnell

Liz Lafferty

Thomas Starr

Kyle Davies